September 8, 2008

Sean Davey – Limousines and Hearses

Sean Davey

Limousines and Hearses – Portfolio edition, 2008

This is an interesting constellation of photographs from the Australian photographer Sean Davey.

It is a portfolio of 30 color prints, 12×16 inches, in an edition of 10+2ap. A nice touch is that each edition comes in different colored clam-shell box with a different image on the front. The one photographed above is number 5 of 10.

Limousines and Hearses is, on one level, a visual diary of places and people in Sean’s daily routine, but on another level it is a social documentary of urban Australian life.

…personal moments, road trips, walks around my suburb, bus rides, anywhere and everywhere else. S.D.

It could be that I am sitting here, at this very moment, looking at my little piece of the Alps, feeling the tell-tale chill of the impending winter and longing for a place like Australia that is on the cuff of spring, but more than likely I am interested in the work that Sean has put together in this collection of still-lives, landscapes and portraits, telling the story of the mundane in anything but a mundane way.

His homepage is well worth a visit and he claims that this is part 1 of 3, so it might be worth your while to stop by now and then.

Portfolios 1-6 AUD$ 5500, 30 12×16″ colour photographs
Edition of 10 plus 2AP

Individual photos are available in an edition of 15 in 3 sizes.

16×20 AUD 350,-

20×24 AUD 450,-

30×40 AUD 550,-

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Sean Davey – Limousines and Hearses