March 9, 2009

The roller-coaster – some closure on Japan

This should be the last random, non-classical BUFFET post about my Japan trip as I have just arrived back home and am on that anxious roller-coaster ride of editing all of the pictures. Last week I had it down to 107, now I have it down to 42, I have to get it down to 30.

I am glad to be back home and I eager to start looking at books again but I have to admit the best part of my “job” is being out photographing. I have always known that, but am reminded each time I get the chance to do it for an extended period of time; no phone, no car, no calendar. I also know that the reason I can do this occasionally is because of a handful of people, family and friends, who make it possible, not to mention the amazing people along the way who open their lives up to a stranger, it blows me away every time; you stumble with a map, make a wrong turn and bump into someone who gives you a half hour of their time or points you in a new direction.

Here is just a small glimpse at a few of the pictures I like right now; will probably change my mind tomorrow, or within the next hour….

all photos: Andrew Phelps

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The roller-coaster – some closure on Japan