June 28, 2011

Roberto Vietri – Paragens

Robert Vietri

Robert Vietri

I’m finally getting around to posting this little limited edition book which Roberto handed me when I was at the ICP in March. He is from Sao Paulo, Brazil but is studying in NY at the moment.

Pauses Along is very poetic and leaves a lot open but I make the connection to wandering and wondering. The text feels like a dream-book, and reads abstract from time to time, possibly a travel journal.

Its limited to 150 hand-bound copies, with a sewn japanese binding. 28 pages, 11 photographs. It is ink-jet printed, produced by Roberto himself under the imprint of Prologo Selo Editions.

AND, this gives me a chance to thank Marcelo Greco, a photographer and teacher, who is listed as a mentor in the book. Marcelo was kind enough to order 5 copies of POINT SUBLIME for his students who were interested. Unfortunately the fist package of 5 copies was seemingly lost somewhere over the Atlantic so I posted 5 more copies. Of course the first package did show up a few days later so I asked Marcel to just return the 5 he didn’t need, but no, instead he kept them and actually peddled them off to 5 more people in Brazil. So that makes 10 copies in Brazil, thanks to Marcelo!

And thanks for the nice book Roberto.

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Roberto Vietri – Paragens