April 15, 2011

Point Sublime – at Lost and Found tonight in Amsterdam

12 original slides will be projected tonight at “Lost and Found”, I can’t make it, but maybe someone can send me an iphone snap?

Especially for L&F, the author of ‘The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects’ comes from London to Theatrum Anatomicum, bringing some of W. Reginald Bray’s curious objects.
Also on show are slides of a great-uncle in Africa, news photography gone wrong, heavy metal in Cameroon, two young artist on their way to Nigeria for their Nollywood project, beeping with six, and a photographer driving his Ford F250 into Point Sublime, a remote overlook at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, in the summer of 1984 to photograph a sunset.


I don’t know who made these, but thanks, and thanks to Julia from Lost and Found for

the invitation and the Skype interview.

Lost & FoundFriday 15 April 2011Doors open 20.30, start programme 21.00Theater Anatomicum, De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdamcover charge 9Be in Time! Limited seats available.More information:http://www.lost.nlfound@lost.nl020 639 27 87

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Point Sublime – at Lost and Found tonight in Amsterdam