January 13, 2014

Paul Kranzler – Brut

I was surprised to see I haven’t posted about this book yet, its almost embarrassing. BRUT is not only beautiful and the special editions well worth the money, Paul is one of my best friends. Paul is not afraid of getting up-close and personal, its just that usually he is up-close and personal to others; check out Tom for the personal story of a young man coming of age and it doesn’t get much closer than Land of Milk and Honey. But, his book BRUT from 2011 is  the first time Paul is close to home and to his own family. As with all of his work until now, it is an eclectic mix of still-lives, landscapes and of course his signature portrait style which can be brutal and poetic at the same time; hard love maybe. Paul travels the country visiting friends and family and shows us the intricacies of what it means to belong to a collective clan.

Of course Paul has a better presentation than I do.

Published by the Fotohof edition in 2011,

160 pages, 80 bw/color photos

The Fotohof book+print edition is available here. It is a choice of 3 different images from the book, edition of 12.

AND be sure to check out the BRUT app available for you iPad or Iphone 


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Paul Kranzler – Brut