June 20, 2011

Ofer Wolberger – Visitor

Another one, probably my favorite, in Ofer’s line of “The Photographic Book Project”.

The Visitor is a collection of images made by a security camera, producing the small ID tag images of the same woman as she signs in to the same building every day. The book, which is loose-leaf bound, manages to bring 2 halves of 2 different images together in a haunting manner. Only when you take the book apart can you actually see the images in their full composition; the fact that they work folded on top of each other makes you think that the young lady is a collaborator, and not just a chance visitor.

Check out the video:

Untitled from Ofer Wolberger on Vimeo.

If you only get one out of Ofer’s on-going set, get this one!

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Ofer Wolberger – Visitor