May 20, 2009

Michaela Moscouw – Toast

Michaela Moscouw, Toast

Michaela Moscouw

Toast – Limited Edition post-card set, 200?

Growing up in Phoenix, at least once a week someone would see Jesus in their flower tortilla. Occasionally it would be Mary, and now and then it wasn’t a tortilla but the Formica cabinets in a kitchen, the peeling paint on a shed and once it was the long floppy branch of an ocotillo cactus.

I can’t help but look for some epiphany when I look through Michaela Moscouw’s box of 15 post-cards called, simply, Toast. Its as cryptic as any of her works.

15 black and white postcards, I assume documenting an entire loaf, come in a small card-stock box.

I think Fotohof is the only place to get them at the moment, but you won’t find them on the homepage, if you want one, best send an email or I can hook you up. 

The box set costs 15 Euro. Edition of 500


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Michaela Moscouw – Toast