December 11, 2008

Lumen Gallery – young Hungarian artist editions

Limited Editions for peanuts-

Máté Bartha, Krisztina Erdei, Anna Fabricius

Péter Puklus, Miklós Surányi, Tehnica Schweiz

I recieved this info from my friends and fellow POCs Tehnica Schweiz. I’m not sure how complicated it would be to order one or two of these via post, nor an I find the exact images that are being offered, but the name list is quite impressive in the Hungarian photo scene, and the price of 20 euro isn’t even worth mentioning so it might be worth the effort to dig a bit deeper.


The Lumen Gallery is selling original, signed and numbered copies of photographs by young Hungarian Photographers.

All Lumen Edition photographs can be purchased at Lumen Gallery  (1136 Budapest, Gergely Győző utca 3.b) in limited editions (ed. 30) for 5000 HUF / 20 EURO each.

At the moment we have photographs by the following artists on stock: Máté Bartha, Krisztina Erdei, Anna Fabricius, Péter Puklus, Miklós Surányi, Tehnica Schweiz

further information: gergely.laszlo(at)

I have been away for 12 days, starting at the Miami art fair, sitting now in Higley visiting family and photographing. One certainly felt the weight of the recession as far as sales go. I don’t know if it is a coinicidence, but I have been getting alot of offers lately from photographers offering editions at very low prices. I am collecting a list, and will post it tomorrow.

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Lumen Gallery – young Hungarian artist editions