July 23, 2008

John Divola – As Far as I Could Get

John Divola

As Far as I Could Get – limited edition book

The third in my collection from FAREWELL BOOKS.

2 big surprizes when you get this book in the mail: 

The first is that it is so much smaller than you think it will be, the second is that when you look through it, it feels so much bigger than it actually is.

The 13 images are of John Divola running away from a camera which has had the self-timer set. Random, desolate landscapes with a scrambling figure trying to get away. Part performance, part conceptual artist book. 

i don’t usually advertise like this, but you do need this little gem. The 3rd surprise with this book will be when you go here and find that it costs less than 10,-Euro

9×14 cm, 28 pages, 13 b/w laser printed images.

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John Divola – As Far as I Could Get