January 25, 2012

Harvey Benge – Paris Diary 2011

Paris Diary 2011 – Harvey Benge, self published

Harvey Benge has just sent me number 4 in his on-going series about Paris.

Harvey is giving Charles Freger a run for his money as to who will have the most books on this blog. Harvey is a very busy man with his blog, his ongoing work, his workshops in New Zealand and his work as an editor with publishers like KEHER.

As with the others in the series, this one is 22×16 cm with 28 pages and as many color photographs. The edition is also limited to 75 copies.

They cost 30 USD, 22 Euro.

Best to get them direct from Harvey as it is nice to get a package covered in New Zealand postage stamps.

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Harvey Benge – Paris Diary 2011