January 20, 2010

Fabio Barile – Diary #0, Things That do not Happen

Diary #0, Things That do not Happen

Fabio Barile – limited edition book, 2009

I have started to post this book several times, and each time I was beat to the punch by someone, somewhere, who also had something to say. Here is a smart, edgy review by George Slade for Photo Eye, and with better illustrations than mine above. I am getting tired of destroying spines of books just to snap some images from within. So check out Photo eye’s book tease to see more.

The publishing group 3/3 has released its first publication of photos from Italian photographer Fabio Barile.

“Do things happen? What happens when they do not happen?”

This is a very quiet book which seems to question the relevance which a photographer gives to a specific moment simply by pushing a button. Not to be confused with the phenomenal “decisive moments”, these moments are so wonderfully unspectacular, they could have easily slipped past. As a diary, this book reads like probably most of our own diaries; mainly forgettable events, which, when visited again, become more complex because the details have slipped away.

3/3, 2009

48 pages, numerous color images


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Fabio Barile – Diary #0, Things That do not Happen