November 11, 2008

Book signings at Paris Photo, 2008

I just saw that Errata Editions, Books on Books is having a signing on Thursday at the booth of Schaden, in case you are at the fair in Paris this year. It will be a chance to see the new Errata series in europe. It is on Thursday at 5 pm at the Schaden booth. 

There are several interesting book signings, going on constantly for several days. Here is a pdf of the entire list.

Be sure to not miss the signing by Rob Hornstra at the Flatland Gallery. I just got my copy of 101 Billionaires and its one of the best this year. Be sure to read this interview by Jörg Colberg at Conscientious. His signing is on Saturday at 4 pm. 

In case you are around earlier, and looking for a place to hang out and feel welcome, stop by the booth of Harper Levine (Ed 9)where I will have a book signing for Higley at 2 pm. Or stop by and meet Peter Granser at the same time at Hatje Cantz. Or better yet, do both…

see you in paris…

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Book signings at Paris Photo, 2008