October 31, 2010

BlisterZine – Suburban and Suburban RGB

Since making the 720 book, I’ve been receiving loads of skateboarding related ‘zines and books. I am excited to have these in my collection and this is one that was given to me personally by Emiliano Biondelli and Valentina Venturi who I spent some time with this summer photographing in Savignano, Italy. Their monthly fanzine called BlisterZine is a great collection for anyone interested in limited edition ‘zines.

Suburbia and Suburbia RGB are a double set of booklets, each 16 pages, sewn binding with color and b/w images. These are limited to 50 copies. 21×15 cm.

the website lists an email of nastynasty@hotmail.it

BlisterZine #5, which I don’t have, looks intriguing, it is in 3-D….

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BlisterZine – Suburban and Suburban RGB