December 12, 2011

Beal Doka – FC Putin, in the works

from: FC Putin, Bela Doka.

With all of the uproar in Moscow at the moment concerning Vladimir Putin , it might be the right time to pre-order a copy of Bela Doka’s upcoming book FC Putin, a series about the youth movement in Russia standing strong and proud behind the polarizing figure. I have seen these for awhile, but now they seem even more poignant and timely.

Also if you don’t have one of these…

Bela Doka, The Sundays of Life

To help support the new project, Bela is also offering specials on his last bookThe Sundays of Life, a beautiful limited edition self-published book, also available with a print.

check them both out here.

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Beal Doka – FC Putin, in the works