Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peter Granser - Was Einem Heimat War

My friend and fellow POC, Peter Granser, is offering an interesting special edition of his new book Was Einem Heimat War.

Peter has documented the place which was once the town of Gruorn in the Swabian Alb. This town was forced to evacuate in 1939 and it was never again to be recognized as a township, instead it has been used for over a century as a training ground for military and various forms of bombing ranges. The ground, marked by so much history and strongly contaminated projectiles, is now a biosphere reserve.

The work “Was einem Heimat war” (What we once called home) has resulted in a series of photographs divided into multiple parts. Black-and-white photographs of the landscape showing the scars left by the era of military use and the remains of what was once the town of Gruorn are accompanied by a series of projectiles, tank ammunition and granates photographed as sculpturally staged objects. These images are juxtaposed by two five-part photographic panoramas, enclosed to the book as a Leporello fold. (publisher)

The trade edition is from Books and Booklets
17 x 24 cm, 80 pages
german / english
28 Euro
ISBN 978-3-9814530-2-7

There are two special editions limited to 15 copies of each, priced at 350,- Euro.
(290,- Euro until Sept 18, 2012)

They consist of a signed copy of the book  and a signed 21x30 cm print of the motif  "Spuren4" or the tryptich "Sighting unit/Mortar shell/Armor piercing discarding sabot", along with a DVD of the video work.

Contact Peter directly to get info about availability.

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