Friday, August 28, 2009

Back, barely

Finally back now after over a month of traveling, a bit of vacation and a lot of work. Some tan, some facial hair both of which won't last long, and of course stacks of new books to dig into and post about.

Its been almost surreal, going from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the printing press for NOT NIIGATA in Heidelberg, Germany in just a few days time.

Its a bit of a contrast from this:

Me in Lave Falls, mile 180 of 225 miles..

to turning this:

into this:

But I'm back now and looking forward to this:


  1. I have kayaked the Rogue River in Oregon and rafted the Grand Canyon in small paddled rafts. Dude, I don't know how you kayaked those big falls in the Grand Canyon!

    Looking forward to more photog book posts.

  2. welcome back Andrew. damn, that photo makes my backpacking/packrafting trips seem tame.

    i'm looking forward to seeing that stack of books.