Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Christie's e-catalogue for photobooks

Jack Smith, The Beautiful Book.
(Screen shot stolen from the Christies homepage)

I have been trying to strip my days down to the bare basics lately. Printing for some upcoming shows of the Japan work, putting together a new book (more later), teaching a bit, organising 5 days of POC in Salzburg starting tomorrow, and hoping each day to crawl into bed before midnight, loosing entire weeks in the process. I was better at bloging in the winter. The masochistic side of it all is that I have also started a blog for Fotohof, where I am an active member, curator and now, well, overwhelmed blogger.

To put it in Buffet terms, my plate is full and running over onto my serving tray. 

I did get an email today announcing the upcoming Christie's auction in London on May 19th.

I won't make it to the auction in person, and I will keep my bidding to myself, but I can tell you which ones would be on my wish list if photographers qualified for a bail-out.

the above listed books I have at least held in my hands, something I can't say about this one which is slated to go for somewhere between 
40,000 and 50,000 $. 

I have never used the LARGE setting for font size in blogger, and I have heard one is only allowed to do it once, like putting exclamation marks on the frontpage of your newspaper, so there you go.

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  1. Thanks for this post, although at least some of the estimates look very optimistic given the current economic phase we're in and also prices at which these books can be bought elsewhere (without adding a premium for the auction house)
    For instance lot 51, 50 jaar Bruynzeel, estimate of Euro 880-1320, there are at least 6 copies available for prices between Euro 195-300 directly from book sellers without any additional buyers premium.
    I wish them good luck with the sale, but it pays to look around...