Friday, July 25, 2008

Peter Dressler - box set of artist books

Peter Dressler
box set of artist books - Edition Fotohof, 2008

Part performance artist, part photographer, 100% cynic. Peter Dressler moves about the "ready made" sets of the world, commenting on the subtle absurdity of our modern world.

This box set of 6 books includes all of the titles to date which Fotohof has produced.

Rather Rare Recipes
Business Class
Tangible Beauty
Tie Break
Immediate Vicinity
Lasting Values

Each book is 24x16 cm, Hardbound on heavy card-stock to give them the feel of children's books. 
Cover to cover photographs, on average of 9 double paged images per book.

The price for a single book is 20,- Euro
The box set of all 6 is 80,- Euro

Get them directly at Fotohof.
If you are in the US, try to get them at RAM.

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